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Launch Date:

January 2008


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Mach-II

My Roles on the Project:

  • HTML/CSS Developer
  • Server-side Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Technical Writer

My Contributions to the Project

  • Planned and implemented the software architecture of the web application and its database
  • Led information architecture planning
  • Managed subcontractor who developed the XHTML/CSS templates, ensuring standards-compliance and accessibility
  • Wrote technical specifications during the planning phase
  • Wrote technical documentation for the system administrator and future developers

**Description:  **The Monticello Classroom contains a collection of content related to Thomas Jefferson and his Monticello estate.  The website is geared towards elementary and middle school classrooms.  Teachers can sign in, build assignments and assign them to their students.  The students can then sign in and complete the activities.

I architected and developed the database and web-application, including the content management system.  I oversaw the development of the XHTML/CSS templates, which was outsourced to a subcontractor.

The web-application is built in the PHP version of the Mach-II framework.  The ColdFusion version of the Mach-II framework was ahead of the PHP version in terms of functionality at the time I was developing this project.  I extended the PHP version to bring it to the level of functionality of the current ColdFusion version.

Project Types:

  • Selected: Website
  • Not Selected: Intranet Web Application
  • Not Selected: Disc
  • Not Selected: Interactive
  • Not Selected: Mobile App