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Launch Date:

October 2012


Thamtech, LLC


  • JavaScript
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • HTML
  • CSS

My Roles on the Project:

  • Producer
  • Designer
  • HTML/CSS Developer
  • Server-side Developer
  • Interactive Developer

My Contributions to the Project

  • Planned and implemented the software architecture of this presentation interactive to synchronize multiple types of media
  • Designed the user interface and implemented the design in HTML/CSS
  • Implemented the interactive in JavaScript using Google Web Toolkit
  • Gathered, processed, and synchronized all content
  • Digitized spacecraft and biomedical telemetry data
  • Transcribed and synchronized the flight director’s loop audio recording

Project Types:

  • Selected: Website
  • Not Selected: Intranet Web Application
  • Not Selected: Disc
  • Selected: Interactive
  • Not Selected: Mobile App

2013 Webby Award Winner

Webby Award Winner

2013 W³ Silver Award Winner

2013 W3 Awards Silver Winner