Interactive Map
Guide Page
History Timeline
Panorama Interactive

Launch Date:

August 2013


  • JavaScript
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Mapping

My Roles on the Project:

  • HTML/CSS Developer
  • Interactive Developer

My Contributions to the Project

  • Implemented HTML/CSS designs
  • Implemented the interactive experience in JavaScript using Google Web Toolkit
  • Implemented the map interactive with custom map tiles using Google Maps API
  • Implemented the panorama interactives using Google’s Street View APIs with custom panorama tiles
  • Developed tools to align, resize, and cut large map and panorama source images into individual tile images used by the Google APIs
  • Implemented an interactive historical timeline

Project Types:

  • Selected: Website
  • Not Selected: Intranet Web Application
  • Not Selected: Disc
  • Selected: Interactive
  • Not Selected: Mobile App