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Launch Date:

November 2012


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Android
  • ActionScript
  • Yii Framework
  • Mapping
  • iOS

My Roles on the Project:

  • HTML/CSS Developer
  • Server-side Developer
  • Interactive Developer
  • Database Developer

My Contributions to the Project

  • Planned and implemented the software architecture of the website, CMS, and database in the Yii Framework and MySQL
  • Implemented HTML/CSS designs
  • Implemented SlideShow, Book, and Poster builder interactives in JavaScript using Google Web Toolkit
  • Designed and implemented a REST/JSON API for communication with the companion mobile apps
  • Managed site installation

Thamtech worked with Wildflower Interactive’s designers and native mobile developers to create this educational web platform.

Active Explorer consists of a website and mobile app. Educators use the website to create Quests that guide young Explorers on mobile phone missions to collect photos, videos, audio, text, sketches, and GPS locations. Explorers complete the Quests using mobile apps and upload what they have collected to the website. Explorers then log into the website and use what they collected to create Slideshows, Books, Posters and Comics to present the results of their Quest.

Quest Builder: The quest builder is a multi-step form used by Leaders to create a Quest.

Slideshow Builder: The slideshow builder provides a simple interactive tool for Explorers to create slides by embedding content uploaded from the Active Explorer mobile app. Explorers can choose from several slide templates and can insert icon images in addition to their own photos, videos, maps, etc.

Book Builder: The book builder is very similar to the Slideshow builder, except it only allows printable media. When finished, the Explorer may generate a printable PDF version of their book.

iOS and Android Apps: Other developers in a parallel project developed native iOS and Android apps to complement the tools in the website.

Project Types:

  • Selected: Website
  • Not Selected: Intranet Web Application
  • Not Selected: Disc
  • Selected: Interactive
  • Selected: Mobile App